Updated 01.03.2020




Establishment of the Republic of Kenya - 1.30sh, 2.50sh



Animals - 20sh



Sea Shells - (1974: Revised Inscription - 70c)



Sea Shells, Surcharged - 1sh on 1.50sh, 3sh on 2.50sh, 40sh on 20sh



Telecommunication Development - Souvenir Sheet

Montreal Olympics - 2sh, 3sh, Souvenir Sheet

Rail Transport in East Africa - Souvenir Sheet



Game Fish - Souvenir Sheet

25th Safari Rally - 5sh, Souvenir Sheet

2nd World Black and African Festival - 50c, 1sh, 2sh, 3sh, Souvenir Sheet

Centenary of Church of Uganda - 50c, 1sh, 2sh, 5sh, Souvenir Sheet

25th Anniv of  Reign of Queen Elizabeth II - Souvenir Sheet

Endagered Species - Souvenir Sheet

Opening of Nairobi - Addis Abeba Highway - Souvenir Sheet

Minerals found in Kenya - 20sh



World Cup Soccer - 50c, 3sh, Souvenir Sheet

Commonwealth Games - 3sh, 5sh

Road Safety - 1.50sh, 2sh, 3sh, 5sh

Kenyatta Day - 2sh, 3sh

Anti-Apartheid Year - 2sh, 3sh, 5sh 



International Year of the Child - 2sh, 3sh, 5sh

National Theater - 3sh, 5sh

Salvation Army - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh

Jomo Kenyatta - 50c, 3sh, 5sh

Rowland Hill - 2sh



Flying Doctor Service - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, Souvenir Sheet

London 1980 International Stamp Exhibition - 25sh, Souvenir Sheet

4th IRF African Highway Conference - 5sh

Visit of Pope John Paul II - 5sh, 10sh

Marine Life - 50c, 5sh

Public Buildings - 1.50sh, 2sh, 3sh, 5sh



International Year of the Disabled - 3sh, 5sh

World Food Day - 2sh, 5sh

Organziation for African Unity Conference - 3sh, 5sh, 10sh,
Souvenir Sheet

Royal Wedding - 3sh, 5sh, 10sh

Ceremonial Tribal Costumes - 2sh, 3sh, 5sh



Early Man - 2sh, 3sh

Scouting Year - 70c-pair, 3.50sh-pair, 5sh-pair, 6.50sh-pair, Souvenir Sheet

Agricultural Society - 3.50sh

World Cup Soccer - 70c, 5sh, 10sh, Souvenir Sheet

ITU Conference - 70c, 3.50sh, 6.50sh



Commonwealth Day - 10sh

5th Anniv of Kenya Ports Authority - Souvenir Sheet

Customs Cooperation Council - 70c, 2.50sh, 3.50sh, 10sh

World Communications Year - 70c, 2.50sh

International Maritime Organization - 70c, 3.50sh

29th Commonwealth Parlimentary Conference - 70c, 5sh, Souvenir Sheet

Royal Visit - Souvenir Sheet

20th Anniv of Independence - 70c, 2sh, 5sh, 10sh, Souvenir Sheet



Rare Local Birds - 70c, 2.50sh, 5sh

International Civil Aviation Organization - 70c, 2.50sh, 3.50sh

1984 Summer Olympics - 70c, 2.50sh, 10sh, Souvenir Sheet

International Federation of Library Associations - 70c, 2.50sh, 5sh, 10sh

Kenya Export Year - 70c, 10sh

World Conference on Religion and Peace - 70c, 2.50sh, 3.50sh, 6.50sh

Tribal Costumes - 70c, 2sh, 5sh, 10sh

World Chess Federation - 70c, 2.50sh, 3.50sh, 5sh, 10sh



Energy Conservation - 70c, 2sh, 3.50sh, 10sh, Souvenir Sheet

Girl Guides - 1sh, 3sh, 7sh

International Red Cross Day - 4sh, 5sh, 7sh

Congress on Protozoology - 1sh, 3sh, 7sh

UN Decade for Women - 3sh, 5sh, 7sh

Flowers Type of 1983 - 80c, 4sh

Eucharistic Congress - Souvenir Sheet

Endagered Wildlife - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, Souvenir Sheet

Trees - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, 7sh, Souvenir Sheet



International Peace Year - 1sh, 3sh, 7sh, 10sh

EXPO'86, Vancouver - 1sh, 3sh, 7sh, 10sh

World Cup Soccer - 1sh, 5sh, 7sh, 10sh, Souvenir Sheet

Dhows - 3sh, 5sh, 10sh, Souvenir Sheet

TELECOM'86 - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, 7sh

Christmas - 1sh, 3sh, 7sh



UNICEF - 1sh, 3sh, 4sh, 5sh, 10sh

Tourism - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, 7sh, Souvenir Sheet

Ceremonial Costumes - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, 7sh, 10sh

Posts & Telecommunications Corporation - 1sh, 3sh, 4sh, 5sh, 7sh, Souvenir Sheet

4th All Africa Games - 1sh, 3sh, 4sh, 5sh, 7sh, Souvenir Sheet

Medicinal Herbs - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, 7sh



Game Lodges - 3sh, 4sh, 5sh, 7sh, 10sh

World Health Organization - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, 7sh

World Expo'88, Brisbane - 3sh, 4sh, 5sh, 7sh, Souvenir Sheet

1988 Summer Olympics - 1sh, 3sh, 7sh, 10sh, Souvenir Sheet

Utensils - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, 7sh, 10sh, Souvenir Sheet

10 Year Presidency of Daniel Arap Moi - 1sh, 3sh, 3.50sh, 4sh, 5sh, 7sh, 10sh

Independence, 25th Anniversary - 1sh, 3sh, 5sh, 7sh, 10sh



National Monuments - 1.20sh, 3.40sh, 4.40sh, 5.50sh

Red Cross - 3.40sh, 4.40sh, 7.70sh

World Wildlife Fund, Giraffes - 1.20sh, 3.40sh, 4.40sh, 5.50sh, Souvenir Sheet

Mushrooms - 1.20sh, 3.40sh, 4.40sh, 5.50sh, 7.70sh

Jawaharial Nehru - 1.20sh, 3.40sh, 5.50sh

Costumes - 3.40sh, 5.50sh, 7.70sh, 10sh



Soccer Trophies - 1.50sh, 4.50sh, 6.50sh, 9sh

Pan-African Postal Union - 1.20sh, 3.40sh, 5.50sh, 7.70sh, 10sh

Penny Black - 1.50sh, 4.50sh, 6.50sh, 9sh, Souvenir Sheet

ITU, 25th Anniversary - 1.50sh, 4.50sh, 9sh

Kenya African National Union - 1.50sh, 2.50sh, 4.50sh, 9sh, 10sh

Queen Mother, 90th Birthday - 10sh, 40sh

Kenya Postage Stamps Centenary - 1.50sh, 4.50sh, 9sh, 20sh

International Literacy Year - 1.50sh, 6.50sh, 9sh



Barcelona Olympics - 2sh, 6sh, 7sh, 8.50sh, 11sh

Fight Aids - 2sh, 8.50sh



40th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Accession to the Throne -5sh, 11sh, 11sh, 14sh

Wildlife - 3sh, 8sh, 10sh, 11sh, 14sh

Vintage Cars - 8sh, 10sh, 11sh, 14sh

Barcelona Olympics - 3sh, 8sh, 10sh, 11sh, 14sh

Christmas - 8sh, 11sh, 14sh



Lighthouses - 8sh, 11sh, 14sh

17th World Congress of Rehabilitation International - 3sh, 10sh, 11sh, 14sh



Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organization, 42nd Anniversary - 3.50sh, 12.50sh, 11sh, 15.50sh

Orchids - 3.50sh, 9sh, 12.50sh, 15.50sh

African Development Bank, 30th Anniversary - 6sh, 25sh

Rotary, 50th Anniversary - 14.50sh, 17.50sh, 20sh, 25sh

International Year of the Family - 6sh, 14.50sh, 20sh, 25sh

Kenya Society for the Preventioin of Cruelty to Animals - 6sh, 14.50sh, 17.50sh, 20sh, 25sh



Golf - 6sh, 17.50sh, 20sh

Traditional Crafts - 17.50sh, 20sh, 25sh

50th Anniversary of United Nations - 23sh, 26sh, 32sh, 40sh

ICIPE, 25th Anniversary - 33sh

FAO, 50th Anniversary - 14sh, 26sh, 33sh, 40sh



Atlanta Summer Olympics - 6sh, 14sh, 25sh, 40sh,
Miniature Sheet of 6 stamps,
20sh Miniature Sheet of 9 stamps
25sh Miniature Sheet of 9 stamps
100sh Souvenir Sheet, 100sh Souvenir Sheet

World Tourism Organization - 6sh, 14sh, 20sh, 25sh, 40sh, Souvenir Sheet

Wild Animals - 20sh, 20sh, 20sh, 20sh, 20sh, 20sh

Red Cross - 6sh, 14sh, 25sh, 40sh

East African Wildlife Society - 6sh, 20sh, 25sh, 40sh

Lions Club International - 14sh, 20sh, 25sh



COMESA - 6sh, 20sh

Fish of Lake Victoria - 25sh, 25sh, 25sh, 25sh

Locomotives - 14sh, 20sh, 25sh, 30sh

Fruits - 6sh, 14sh, 20sh, 25sh

Scouting Organizations - 10sh-pair, 27sh-pair, 33sh-pair, 42sh-pair

Tourist Attractions - 10sh, 30sh, 42sh



500th Anniversary of Vasco da Gama's Stop in Malinda - 24sh, 33sh

Pan African Postal Union - 10sh, 24sh, 33sh, 42sh, Souvenir Sheet

President Daniel Arap Moi Taking Oath of Office - 14sh



Turtles - 17sh, 20sh, 47sh, 59sh

Kenya Postal Corporation Emblems - 35sh, 50sh, Souvenir Sheet 




Postage Due Stamps



Numerals, Perf 14 x 13 1/2 - 5c, 10c, 20c, 30c, 40c
Perf 14 - 60c
Perf 15 x 14 - 1sh, 2sh



Numerals - 5c, 10c, 20c, 30c, 40c, 1sh



Numerals - 5c, 10c, 20c, 30c, 40c, 1sh



Numerals - 5c, 10c, 20c, 30c, 40c, 1sh



Numerals - 10c, 20c, 40c



Numerals, Redrawn - 30c, 40c, 50c, 80c, 1sh, 2sh, 3sh, 5sh, 10sh, 20sh




Official Stamps



First Issue Overprinted - 5c, 10c, 15c, 20c, 30c, 50c


Only USED, clean undamaged stamps, with ONE round postmark only are welcome!! NO CTO’s! Thanks for your time!

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