Welcome to ERUNUS' corner on the web!

This is the latest release of my website. There has been several changes and layouts to my website

during the years. But here we go again! Hopefuly I will be able this time, to "show my many faces" out here.

Status: Divorced but re-married since 2009, Two sons (Ole, 22 and Mads, 20) a daughter (Jenny, soon 9 years old) and an another son (Ruben, 7 year old)

Employee: The Salvation Army, - working as an Officer / Pastor.

Currently serving in Mandal together with my wife!

Hope to reflect my life and my interests here at my refurbished website!

Enjoy your stay here, and welcome back to see if I have been adding new features!

NEW ADDRESS per 1/8 2019:

Rune Berg
Kongefjellveien 12